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Virtual Program

Welcome to the Idaho Catholic Men's Conference 2023:

Be a Saint

We hope you enjoy this more flexible, relaxed online attendance option. A lot of effort has gone into making this experience smooth and fulfilling. 

Please find below links to all the information you need for today's conference. 



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7:00 am – Doors open – book signing & coffee
8:00 am – Official Welcome
8:10 am – Mass with Bishop Peter, First Decade of the Rosary
9:20 am – Short Break
9:50 am – Second Decade of the Rosary, Keynote with Mike Sweeny
10:45 am – Short Break
10:55 am – Third Decade of the Rosary, Keynote with Monsignor Shea
11:45 am – Adoration
12:10 pm – Lunch (Mike Sweeny high school athlete session)
1:10 pm – Fourth Decade of the Rosary, Keynote with Daniel DiSilva
1:50 pm – Short Break
2:00 pm – Fifth Decade of the Rosary, Keynote with Mike Sweeny
2:50 pm – Divine Mercy Chaplet
3:00 pm – Closing, Drawing for $250 Raffle (All registered online attendees are automatically entered)


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Accessing the Conference:

Check your email! You should have an email from Crowdcast from within the last few days with a unique link to access the Conference. Do not share this link; it will not work for anyone but you.

Following the Schedule on Crowdcast:

In the upper left, right under the words "Idaho Catholic Men's Conference" find the words "SCHEDULE session __ of  __." Click this link to open the menu for the different sessions. Note that as the Conference switches between sessions your browser may hang out on the previous session: refresh the browser or use this Schedule menu to access the new session.

Please make use of the live chat! It is a great way to connect with other Online Attendees and bless one another with fellowship.

Use these tips for an optimal viewing experience:

  • Join from a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) and device (full list here) - Chrome is preferable and least likely to have issues.

  • Make sure your browser is up to date.

  • Make make sure you have a strong internet connection with an upload speed of at least 5Mbps (test here)

  • If you want the option of coming "on stage" to ask a question, pass the Crowdcast setup checklist. This will test your network firewall and ensure your mic & camera are connected.

To learn more about the platform and prepare for the event, check out the Crowdcast Attendee Quick Reference Guide.

If you need help once you are in the conference, please use the Chat Window inside Crowdcast.

If you cannot access the conference, call 208-344-4774.



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Save the Date!

Saturday, February 3rd, 2024
Gift Box

Pay it Forward

Your gift today helps support the mission of Salt & Light Radio to evangelize and teach through conferences and other multi-media initiatives. "No one is turned away from a conference if unable to pay thanks in part to these donations.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks To...

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Tell us how it went! Your feedback helps the planning committee make informed decisions about future conferences.

Our Keynote Speakers • Bishop Peter Christensen • Father Justin Brady and St. Paul’s Church • Church Builders for the banners • The ICMC Planning Committee • All the priests who came
to celebrate Mass & Reconciliation • Sponsors and Pay-It-Forward donors • All Ambassadors, Volunteers, Watch Party Hosts, and everyone who invited friends to attend the conference.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

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Session Sponsors

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