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Meet the 2024 Speakers


Fr. Augustine Wetta, OSB
Author, Professional Juggler, and Monk

Father Augustine Wetta is the author of PRAY.  THINK. ACT. , THE EIGHTH ARROW and HUMILITY RULES (which has been translated into four languages and sold over 50,000 copies!).


He is a monk of Saint Louis Abbey in Saint Louis, Missouri, where he teaches high school and coaches rugby. He has degrees from Oxford University, Rice University, and Middlebury College.


Father Augustine grew up on a tropical island, where he learned to surf and was nearly eaten by a shark. He has also worked as a professional juggler, beach patrol lifeguard and archaeologist. During his spare time, he raises carnivorous plants, carpenter ants, and makes armor.

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Chris Stefanick 
Author, Speaker, and Television Host

Chris Stefanick is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and television host who has devoted his life to inspiring people to live a bold, contagious faith.


Recipient of the Papal Benemerenti Medal, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput calls Chris “one of the most engaging defenders of the Christian faith on the scene today.” Chris’s live seminars reach more than 85,000 people per year. His reality TV show, videos, and radio spots reach millions of people, and his educational initiatives are turning the tide in the Church. He authored the Chosen Confirmation program which has already formed more than 500,000 teens.


A graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, Chris is also the founder and president of Real Life Catholic, a non-profit which operates as the headquarters for Chris’s various initiatives. 


Above all, Chris is proud to be the husband to his wife Natalie and father to their six children.

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Speaker 3

Dr. Scott French
Emergency Room Physician

Dr. Scott French is a practicing board certified Emergency Physician who noted the rapidly in- creasing rates of depression, suicides, and other behavioral disorders among our youth. In the process of searching for a solution, Dr. French was able to view the Shroud of Turin in 2015. This spurred a search for the full truth, and ultimately led Scott to Father Robert Spitzer’s Magis Center in 2015, and subsequently became a volunteer and board member.

Dr. French presents the amazing 21st century validated medical/scientific evidence that the Eucharist is the living blood, body, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, the 21st century medical/scientific evidence of the Eucharist is tied to the 21st century evidence of the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.

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