Exhibitor/Sponsor Setup

Thank you for supporting the Idaho Catholic Men's Conference as an Exhibitor or Sponsor. Please use this page to upload the information needed for your spot in the virtual Exhibitor Hall.

Please note that at this time any updates, changes, etcetera after submitting data on this page must be done manually on the website backend. For this reason, please review the information below carefully before submitting.

Required fields:

  1. Exhibitor Name

  2. Website (include http://)

  3. Sponsor level

  4. Short description (240 characters)

  5. Tax permit reference number (see below).

Recommended fields:

  1. Header image (16:9 ratio, see below)

  2. Logo image(16:9 ratio. see below)

Goodie Bag:

The Goodie Bag is not required, however if you intend to share an offer, now is the ideal time to do so! Please prepare

  1. Offer title (e.g. "10% Off!" or "Free Gift")

  2. Offer image (16:9, see below for sizing; product image, branding, etc)

  3. Offer summary (240 characters or less)

  4. Details link (all goodie bag offers should include a link to an external page detailing how to take advantage of the offer)

Image Formatting:

The header image should be at least 400 pixels wide by 225 high, the logo and goodie bag images should be at least 200 x 112. Any 16:9 ratio sized image will work. Larger images may provide better resolution, but should maintain the proportions. If your images do not match these proportions they may be cropped. Pad images outside those proportions with a solid color or transparency to correct the proportion. 


If you do not have a header  image, or if you have you difficulties sizing your image, please email Bizzy; she will create an image with the conference theme and your logo. or resize/pad your image for best display. 

All file sizes are limited to 15 MB; JPG and PNG are preferred. 

You may preview the exhibitor hall to see how it will look. Please do not share this link! The exhibitor hall is NOT live to the public at this time.

If you encounter any problems, need to edit your information, or add information at a later date, email Bizzy Schorr at bizzy4god247@gmail.com. We do not have the option at this time for exhibitors to update their own information. Please review the options and recommendations before uploading.

Don't forget your tax permit!

​ALL Exhibitors must:

  1. Go to tax.idaho.gov/GoToTAP and under “Other Services” click “Temporary Sellers and Promoters.

  2. Choose “Seller” on the next page and then click “Next.”

  3. Choose “Temporary” on the next page and then click “Next.”

  4. On the following page your participants need to enter the Event ID (1943273472) then click “Next.”

  5. On the next page, enter your seller information, click “Next.”

  6. Choose Purpose; read explanations carefully. Click "Next."

  7. Review your information. If correct, click "Submit."

  8. You will then see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email. It is recommended to save a copy of the confirmation number until you verify receipt of your permit.

  9. Once you have your permit from Idaho.gov, use the reference number in the form below when setting up your Exhibitor/Sponsor spot. 

ID TAP screenshotArtboard 1.png

All Exhibitors and sponsors must complete these steps, even if they’re not making sales at the conference, or if they have a regular seller’s permit.

Exhibitor/Sponsor Details for Exhibitor Hall

For records only. This number remains private.

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Virtual Goodie Bag Offer
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If you continue to see this message, email your information to Bizzy Schorr at bizzy4god247@gmail.com.