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Thank you for supporting the Idaho Catholic Men's Conference as an Exhibitor or Sponsor. Please use this page to upload the information needed for your spot in the virtual Exhibitor Hall.

Required fields: Exhibitor Name, website, sponsor level, short description (240 characters), and header image (dimensions 16:9). You may also upload a logo image.

The header image should be at least 400 pixels wide by 225 high, the logo image should be at least 200 x 119. Any 16:9 ratio sized image will work. Larger images may provide better resolution, but should maintain the proportions. If your images do not match these proportions they may be cropped. Pad images outside those proportions with a solid color or transparency to correct the proportion. 


If you do not have a header  image, or if you have you difficulties sizing your image, please email Bizzy; she will create an image with the conference theme and your logo. or resize/pad your image for best display. 

All file sizes are limited to 15 MB; JPG and PNG are preferred. 

If you encounter any problems, need to edit your information, or add information at a later date, email Bizzy Schorr at bizzy4god247@gmail.com. We do not have the option at this time for exhibitors to update their own information. Please review the options and recommendations before uploading.

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